N. Korea

Did you hear that N. Korea announced that they have nuclear weapons?  Even bigger than that, did you hear Condalisa Rice’s response?  She said, so what, we have known that since the mid 90’s, what is going on in Iraq today(paraphrased, and the last part I added in).  That to me is so funny.  N. Korea is trying to get a little bit of attention, and remind the world that they still exist, and it does not work.  I dont blame them, with all of the world’s attention on the middle east and us, they just wanted a little bit of P. Bush’s attention.  I wonder if P. Bush even acknowledged it since it was Rice who made the statement…

I am sorry for not keeping my page up to date…wait its my page, I get to update when I want to, so the rest of you…get a life


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