Three guys die and go to heaven.  The first goes up to St. Peter who says, I
have only one question before you go into heaven: Were you faithful to your
wife?  The guy answers; “Yes, I never even looked at another women.”  St.Peter
says-“See that Rolls-Royce over there?  That’s your car to drive while your in
heaven”.  The second guy gets the same question, and answers:”Once I strayed,
but I confessed to my wife and she forgave me and we worked it out.”  St.
Peter says ” See that new Buick over there, that’s your car to use in heaven”.
The third guy answers the same question: “I have to admit, I chased every bit
of tail I could, and was with a lot of women.”  St. Peter says, ok, but you
were basically a good guy, so that old VW Bug over there is yours to use while
your in heaven.  The three guys go off on their seperate ways. 

A few weeks later #2 and #3 are driving along in the Buick when they see #1’s
Rolls Royce parked outside of a BAR.  They stop and GO INTO THE BAR and find
#1 with empty bottles all around him, face down with his face in his hands on
the bar.  They come up to him and #2 says;”Bud, what could possibly be so
bad-you’re in heaven, you drive a Rolls Royce, and everything is great!”  He
says: “I saw my wife today!”  The other 2 answer that’s great! What’s the
problem”  He answers: “She was riding a bicycle!”


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