I am getting sick

I know it is bronchitis

I need medicine

So on sunday, I was driving A.Jo’s car back to school from the church (He had to take the van back, and I am still confused…).  He gave me $5 and said, you will probably need this, there is no gas.  On the way back, I am looking for the first gas station that is open, (I had never seen a gas station closed until I came here) so I could pull in and fill up (well, as far as $5 will go.)  As I step into the station, the young lady behind the counter says to me, “It will be a while.”

“How long is a while,” I politely asked her.

“Well, I am doing my closing shift right now, so it will about 30 minutes.”

“Can I buy gas,” I asked her.


“Can I buy food.”


“Are you open.”


“But I can’t buy anything?”


“I dont understand I told her.”

“Understand this,” she rudely replied to me, “If I do not do my closing shift, then I will get fired and You will not help me pay my bills.”

“Understand this,” I said, “If you dont let me pump some gas, my car will run out of gas quickly, and you are not going to help me push my car.”  I told her, then turned around and left.  This still confuses me.  How can a store be open, but not able to sell anything?  If you cannot sell anything, then the place is closed.  If the place is closed, turn the lights off, close the doors and put a sign on the door. Furthermore, how can people be so rude?

Aren’t you tired of people asking you rhetorical questions and you don’t know if they are rhetorical questions or not?


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