Top Ten ways to annoy bloggers

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
  Top ten ways to annoy other xanga users;

10. Write your posts on someone else’s blog as a comment

9. For no reason at all, delete other people’s comments on your blog

8.  Write stupid Top Ten lists

7.  Update your blog, every ten minutes so that everyone will know exactly where you are at all times.

6.  Discribe in great detail what you ate for lunch.

5.  Put a picture on your wallpaper, so that you cannot read the post.

4.  Dont update your blog, ever

3.  Start every update with, “Hey fellow bloggers”

2.  Post blank comments on other people blogs

And the number one thing  you can do to annoy other Xanga users is:

1.    dotn proof reed youre tetx before potsing

Number eleven

Make all your updates in the

form of a haiku


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