Top Ten Signs You Are From The Pacific Northwest

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
  Hey all sorry that it has taken me forever to update recently… Between hectic schedules and the school “webscensing” xanga, its been hard.Any how, here are the top ten signs that you are from the Pacific Northwest:

10) Using an umbrella is against your culture

9) You try to recycle everything, including your car

8) You have a favorite starbucks

7) Your favorite sports team has never been to the championship series-but your still a fan

6) As you gaze at the blue skys, you cannot help but wonder what that orange thing is the sky is

5) You were rejected by hell, because they thought you are to soggy to burn

4) You wear shorts in 60 degree weather, and complain that 80 is way too hot

3) You or someone you know, personally knows Bill Gates

2) You can do a blind taste test and correctly identify each different kind of apple

and the number one way you know that you are from the Pacific Northwest is:

1) Being found out of the PNW you exclaim: “What, there NOT a starbucks on every corner!!!”


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