Goodbye Southeastern

Saturday, May 07, 2005
  Hey Friends-I am back at home now…If I did not get a chance to say goodbye to you, I am very sorry.  I would like to take the opportunity to say thankyou to all of you who have been a part of my life over the last year.  I could not have made it through this last year had it not been for all of your words of encouragement, prayers and support.  Thank you Southeastern University for being such an awesome student body.  A particular shout out to all of my friends in CMC.  You all in particular have been influential in my spiritual growth over this last year.  Anyhow, thanks for being a part of my life. 

I am planning on using this weblog to keep on touch with Southeastern people.  It seems to be the most efficient mode of communication.  Unfortuntly, I am so good at the whole email thing, but I do keep up fairly well with Xanga.  Feel free to post on my sight, or call if you need anything at all, or nothing in particular.  If you need to call me but do not have my number, feel free to get it from anyone who has it already (I am not changing my phone number).

You guys all rock!!! Shim out…


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