Standard College Reply Form

Standard College Reply Form

Hi Troy!

How have you been?  I know I haven't written in a while-- ok
a WHOLE 5 WEEKS and 6 DAYS! But, you know Troy, I've been busy:

 A. arranging my sock drawer.
 B. planning for my early retirement.
 C. eating.
 D. tying to get into grad school.

After this time though, you can expect to hear
from me:

 A. regularly.
 B. every two weeks.
 C. after lunch on Fridays the 13th.
 D. well, don't hold your breath.

All I ask is that you in turn:

 A. do my lab homework.
 B. save up your Proctor and Gamble UPC cutouts for me.
 C. be a replacement son for my domineering mother.
 D. assume my identity until my trial is over.

I think you'll find this is an ideal arrangement.  This way,
everyone is happy and information can flow more easily.

Oh by the way,  I've been meaning to tell you since last
year that:

 A. There is gum stuck in you hair, yeah right there in the back.

 B. The lottery coupon I gave you is worth $356 and you have to
    turn it in in three days or you lose it all.

 C. The neighbors are planning to kill your mom in her sleep
    on her 60th birthday, in six weeks.
    Oh tell here happy birthday for me tomorrow when she wakes up,
    will ya?

 D. Your Omni magazine is being delivered to my home by mistake, I think.

Well, Troy, I have to go for now.  Hey keep in touch dude!
Take care,

I thought that was rather funny..

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