Tuesday, June 07, 2005
  Hey all,I just want you all to know that my life is going peachy.  My college and career pastor spoke a message a couple of weeks ago that was about wisdom in you work life.  He said that it is important that you pick a career and even jobs that suit your passions and giftings.  If you do not, you can unbalance your life to a point where you are unhappy in all that you are doing.  I feel like with my internship, I am reballancing my life to where I am really enjoying what I am doing more than I have ever before.  Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed parts of my life before, but now I am enjoying everything, even my paying job.  That has never been a real enjoyment for me…

Anyhow, thank you all for posting your comments.  I miss most… ok, all of you.  I wish that I did not have to move on, but such is life…

How about a top ten to close today?

Today, my dogs are really annoying me, but I thought it would fun to write the top ten signs you need a pet in your life:

10) You go for walks around your neighborhood, dragging a leash

9) You wake up random mornings in your neighbor’s yard cuddling with his dog

8) When no one else is around, you make animal sounds-and they are fighting

7) You are on the dog’s neighborhood watchlist as a danger for animal kidnapping.

6) The pet store is your favorite hang out.

5) Your cupboard is stocked full of dog and cat food

4) You decide to replace your back yard with a rock garden-then name every single rock

3) Whenever you meet a new person, you comment on how you like to use their name to name your new pet

2) Instead of hearing voices in your head, you hear barking

And the number one sign you need a pet in your life is:

1) Whenever a pet is missing in your neighborhood, they automatically come to your house and interagate you.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!  God bless


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