One more down

Friday, August 12, 2005 Hey friends! It is my distinct pleasure to write to you today, guily free. I am on xanga having finished all of my homework and am officially finished with my summer classes as of 2 minutes ago!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I am so glad that is over. Now its time to head back to school. Ro and I will be leaving for Bethany University on Friday morning (next week). I have spent the last two days (between finishing my classes) at a leadership conferance my church is hosting. Well, we are sort of hosting it. We are one of the 110 satalite sites for the Willow Creek Leadership Conferance. I have been challenged more in the last 2 days than I have in the last two years….Its been good Unfortunutly, I am so frazzled that I have no deep thoughts to share with you today. Perhaps I will shortly. I am planning to keep up better for the next couple of weeks until things really get crazy again. Anyhow take care of yourself, and each other. God bless ~Shim


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