Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  Yeah so its been a while since I have updated.  You can tell I am beginning to think about homework, because I am writing a real update instead of cutting, editing and pasting a joke and leaving it at that.  Furthermore, I have nothing to say, and so far have succedded in proving this point.I started work today.  I am working at Abouche, its a small coffee house here in Scotts Valley.  Its really a cool place.  I like it lots. Roberta and I got lots of money for our wedding!

I realized that a few weeks ago, I asked for you all to pray for wisdom for us, but I forgot to update and tell you what that was all about.  Ro and I accepted a youth pastorate at a small church plant that meets on campus.  Now all we need is youth to pastor.  Seriously, though we are launching the church’s youth ministry with about 3 kids… Please keep us in prayer if you remember.

And now a joke…

A mom and dad were worried about their son not wanting to learn math at the school he was in, so they decided to send him to a Catholic school. After the first day of school, their son comes racing into the house, goes straight into his room and slams the door shut. Mom and dad are a little worried about this and go to his room to see if he is okay. They find him sitting at his desk doing his homework. The boy keeps doing that for the rest of the year. At the end of the year the son brings home his report card and gives it to his mom and dad. Looking at it they see under math an A+.

Mom and dad are very happy and ask the son, “What changed your mind about learning math?”

The son looked at mom and dad and said, “Well, on the first day when I walked into the classroom, I saw a guy nailed to the plus sign at the back of the room behind the teacher’s desk and I knew they meant business.”




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