Top Ten Excuses The Yankees Use

Sunday, October 16, 2005 

David Letterman’s Top Ten
Current mood:  happy
Top 10 Excuses the Yankees use:

10. “The Angels have developed a secret pitch that curves”

9. “Players left logy by clubhouse paella”

8. “Aren’t used to rat-free outfield”

7. “Average player age is 52”

6. “Didn’t know if they were playing California Angels, Anaheim Angels, or Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”

5. “Acid reflux”

4. “How are you supposed to field a competitive team on $200 million?”

3. “Due to typo in latest memo, Steinbrenner demanded players give 10%”

2. “Giambi lost his lucky syringe”

1. “Who can concentrate on Baseball when Hockey is back?”

Thanks to David Letterman and those at the Late Show with David Letterman, for the laughs.


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