The Month of February

Sunday, October 23, 2005
  I have made a new decision recently. I know that February is a long way out, but really its just around the corner.  We are are rapidly approaching November, which means the end of the year.  The end of the year also means that the begginning of the year is coming, which means so is February. 
Anyhow, my new decision is that I hate the month of February.  It throws everything off.  Should the month of February like all of the other months have 30 days, then the calender would be more efficient.  July and August (back to back months, for those who are not familar with our calender) both have 31 days. I say that we should even the months out, make February 30 days, then rotate them again. 
The calendar would look like this:
January would have 30 days
December-30 (leap year would add the extra day here).

I know this is a pointless thought, but how much easier would life be.  I always get confused at the end of the month if there is 30 or 31 days, then I have to the thing where you count on your knuckles…

This brings me to my next point… Did you know that congress has the power to change our calender, and measurements as they see fit?  How crazy.  What if they woke up one day and decided that from now on a foot is 9″ and a mile is the actual equivelant of a meter?  Not that they would ever change these things, but it is written into the constatution that they can… Perhaps I should start a congressional campaign to change the calender to my design. 

Too much thought for a pointless blog… I am sorry if you are still reading this. 

Take care all, God bless



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