World Series

Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Many of you know that last night concluded this year’s baseball season (tear trickle down my face as I realize I have to go now a little more than 4 months without baseball).  Let me explain to you why I enjoyed this year’s series more than many in the past. 

First of all, we had two teams who were not picked to even advance beyond the second round.  It was a pleasent suprise to see these two teams in the Series. I thought that both the Yanks, BoSox, Braves and Cards, had it in the bag.  Could I have been more wrong?  Thank God I was.  With these choices were either doomed to repeat last year’s series or forced to protest on the grounds that the Yanks are playing in the World Series or we would have to hear the Tomohawk Chop through the Fall Classic…again.  Either way, I would have shot myself.   

Though the series was a sweep, each of the four games were well played by both teams, and very good games.  Granted I would have been nice to see 7 games but when the first four are as good as they were, do you need a fifth, or seventh game.

Sweet redemption for the Sox.  The last World Title they had was in 1917.  They played again in 1919, many may remember the Black Sox scandle of that year.  Then again the competed in the 1959 Fall classic, but to no avail.  Now they can finally put the scandle of 86 years behind them with a clear and concise win.  No cheating, just good ball.

This possibility of teams that don’t normally compete in the Series finally winning it all, gives hope to such places as Safeco Field in Seattle, Coors Field in Colorado, and Tropican Field (not really) in Tampa Bay, Florida.  The day is coming when we will see our beloved Mariners Competing for and winning a World Championship.  Guys like Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex will not be part of it.  After all, they were not this year either…


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