Top Ten Signs You Are Procrastinating

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  Alright, its been a while since I have posted a top ten, so here goes, hopefully, I have not lost my touch.  We are in that season again when homework piles up, papers are due etc.  So tonight’s subject of the top ten is:

Top Ten signs you are procrastinating your homework:

10. You are arranging the icons on your desktop…again.

9. All of your coresponance are up to date, even your parents

8. Myspace is up on your computer, even though you have no friends.

7. You actually washed your laundry.

6. Everything is crossed off your to do list, but number 1: do your homework.

5. Can’t focus, neighbors making noise…

4. What the news is on?

3. Having caught up on the entire OC series, Laguna beach, and Smallville, you resign yourself to watching The Late Show with David Letterman

2. You are writting a stupid Top Ten list.

1. Your dorm room is clean

Take care all



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