Monday, November 21, 2005 

Category: Blogging

Alright, well, I am blogging, so that means really one thing, I am procrastinating.  There is so much to do…

Anyhow, Over the last weekend Ro and I went to the Northern California District Youth Convention.  Let me tell you something, It was a powerful time.  Worshiping God together with 3,000 youth kids is invigerating.  On Saturday morning I had the privilage of watching as 3,000 kids who love Jesus went crazy in worship.  One moment that I will not forget soon happened on Friday night.  Pastor Brett Allen who was the District Youth Director, was preaching.  He was giving some stats about the average life of a Christian.  He said that we spend 20 years sleeping, 15 years watching TV12 years eating 5 years reading and 5 years looking in the mirror.  As he was reading these stats, kids were cheering for some of the activities that they enjoyed the most.  Then Pastor Brett said the most shocking one, 6 months in Prayer and Bible Study…kids booed.  Then he made this statement, “If you dont like it then change the statistics with your life.”

What an amazing weekend!  Thank God for this last weekend!

Anyhow, that is about all that I have to say today.  God bless take care of yourselves and eachother.



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