Looking Forward to…

Saturday, December 10, 2005
  Hey friends!I am so excited that I am almost in tears about this semester finally being over. There were points in this semester that I literally thought that I would not make it. But God is faithful, and by his grace, I did make it through and I will make it through another. I recently found out that I only need 10 credits to graduate, but 13 is required for full time status, and living on campus, so I can fail a class and still graduate, as long as I fail the right one.About this break coming up, I have some ambitions. First of all, I was working on Wednesday morning, before any of you were awake (except for you Jason), and a gentleman was sitting in the coffeeshop reading the newspaper. I thought to myself, I would love to be able to guiltlessly sit in a coffee shop and read the newspaper. So I would to try this out. At some point in my break, I will sit in a starbucks, or other coffeeshop with no agenda, but to read the newspaper, or perhaps a book (by a book, I simply mean a book, not a textbook or other required reading). I also intend to cook and eat a lot of good food. Bethany Cafe is not cutting it for me anymore. Cooking is my passion, so acooking I will go. Finally, my last ambition is to get my family hooked on this great TV show called Arrested Development. Its so funny!

Well Bethany community, I will be back (you are not getting rid of me that easily). Washington, here I come, and Southeastern University, I miss you greatly…

Take God, may God bless each and everyone of you!



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