Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  Controversy is great!  At least it can be great when everyone has their minds open.  Every once in a while, we can learn a thing or two from eachother, you know?  The one on my mind, and on other people’s minds is this thing about Church on Christmas.  As you all know, Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, and all churches that hold worship services on Sunday (prodominatly protestant, as Christmas Mass is one of the biggest services for Catholics, and excluding 7th day adventists who worship on Saturday) are forced to make the decision.  More often then not, it is the mega churches who are canceling services, at least as the media indicates.  That is probably because the megachurches are the only ones the media is interested in.  Anynow, I agree with their thinking.  This is nothing that my own oppinion came up with but things that I have read directly out of various news sources. First of all, larger churches need more volunteers to run the show.  Willowcreek (I believe it was, or at least a church the size of Willowcreek) requires at least 300 volunteers to run the service.  I know that sounds outrageous, but think about it, lights, sound, ushers, parking attendants, greeters, maintence, Sunday School teachers… It requires a lot of people.  They do not want to rob their volunteers, who spend a good portion of every Sunday at the church, from having Christmas with their families.  After all, the main reason for any holiday is to be with friends and family, you know, those you love (or feel something else toward).  Another important aspect that must be explored, is who is going to be in attendance.  If the church is wondering if the regulars are even going to show up, then we can bet for an almost certainty that those who do not normally come to church are not going to show up either.  If the unchurched are not going to show up, then is there really a point to having church, especially if the church is an outreach church? 

Finally, we have to ask ourselves, how often does church get canceled?  Christmas falls on Sunday roughly once every 7 years, this time it has been 9 years.  Is it such an autrocity to cancel church once in 7 years, or 9 years for that matter?  There are volunteers who have not missed a Sunday and would not miss a Sunday otherwise since the last time Christmas was on Sunday.  They need a break, even if it is only one week in 7 years. 

Give the staff a break, give your volunteers a break, give your congragation a break and let them be with their families on the holiday.  Don’t however let God go unworshiped on his day.  Remember that though you may not be in church on Sunday in two weeks, that it is still God’s day.  Remember what he did for you, and what he is doing in you.  Physical entry into a building is not the only way to worship God.

Have a wonderful Christmas


P.S. I hate dial up!


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