The hole in the Universe

Sunday, January 08, 2006
  First things first. For those of you who have been sadly missing my blog over the last few weeks, I am sorry. Those of you who remember a thing called dial up, can symathise with my pain and understand why I have not blogged in so long. This brings me to the subject of my blog for today. My brother and I combined in commiting autrocious acts that caused a gaping hole in the universe. He did not check his myspace for about a week and I went so long without blogging. This hole in the univers is wrecking havoc on my mother’s car. First of all, it caused gravity around her car to be reversed and water seeped up into her car (we found the floors un explainble soaked in the morning yesterday). Also, early this morning, she found all of her windows rolled down, but nothing missing and no damage to her car. The windows cannot go down without the engine being turned on… The way to explain these two events is by a hole being torn in the universe by my brother and I and our careless actions. If you have any unexplained events around you, please let me know so I can decide if it was caused by these events also.
Anyhow, I will be returning to school on tuesday night, so my blogging schedule will return to normal! Til then, take care of yourselves!~Shim

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