Seahawks Disappointment

Monday, February 06, 2006 

The Weekend
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Well, what an athletic weekend for me.  I watched 4 different sports events all involving four different sports.  Friday night: Homecoming basketball games.  I watched the Girls basketball game (crushing loss, they could have won…), then zoomed over to the skating rink.  One of my youth kids had a hockey game, which was crazy (almost another story but not worth mentioning today, maybe later).  Then on Saturday, another one of the youth had an indoor soccar game.  Sunday, of course was the super bowl, which I might add was rigged. 

Speaking of the Super Bowl, even the Stealer’s (yes, that was an intentional spelling error) fans that I spoken to were not satisfied with the game.  I have heard complaints on both sides of the game that it was not fair.  In fact one said that he was not happy because he would have rather seen the Stealers win the game, then have it handed to him by the refs.  But when the ref crew’s paycheck is signed by the Stealer’s organization, what can you do? 

I don’t blame the Steelers (now I revert back to the correct spelling), for winning.  They played a fair game, and did what they should have to win.  However the officials threw the game.  It was almost like they think that Seattle did not belong, therefore they were going to penalize them for showing up…

Such is life…

Next year = New Season = Another chance to prove the world wrong.


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