My Advice

Monday, March 20, 2006 

My Advise

Graduation announcements came in the mail over the weekend.  I was disgusted.  First of all, they screwed the order up.  Roberta ordered 25 for me and 25 for her.  They gave me 50 for me.  Secondly, the actual invitations are crap.  They are on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of what seems almost like regular printer paper, folder into quarters.  The paper is so thin and crappy, that the seal that was put onto it warped the paper.  I thought they looked like a fourth grade art project.

So, I called the unnamed company to let know how I felt (and I did).  They fought with me, but I did not back down.  Eventually I wore them down to where I got them to send out 25 announcements with Roberta’s name for free (a nice gesture since they screwed it up in the first place).  Originally, they were going to do it at a 25% discount. 

Before the placed that order, I wanted them to fix the other issues.  I told them exactly what I expected and desired in my 50 announcements that I paid $114 for.  The unwitting soul on the other end of the phone line explained to me that Bethany University not the company, picks all of this out. 

Why am I not surprised that BU would make such a ghetto graduation announcement?!?

All that to say, if you are planning on graduation from BU, have not ordered your announcements yet, and have the capacity/ability to, then do yourself and your pocket book a favor and make your own announcements.  Find out all of the wording, format and style and do your own. 

Ro and I did our own wedding invitations, it is not hard to do this stuff professionally.  Any you can do it cheaper too.  This is how they figure their prices.  First they charge for the paper (and there is a significant mark up).  They charge for the seal, the raised lettering (probably by line for the lettering). Then they charge for the folding also.  Finally there is the envelope charge (also a significant mark up).

With all of those mark ups, you can purchase your own paper from Office Depot, or any paper store, cheaper then their charge.  Then you get the wordage, and seal, and have OD print them for you.  The printing will be the most expensive part, but still probably cheaper than to pay for some overpriced, low quality crap that BU picked out.

Sorry for ranting too long over this subject, but I am really upset by it.  I am going to be fairly embarrassed to send out these over priced invitations.


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