Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Lost power tonight.  First time in a long time that I have experienced this.  It is an interesting phenomenon.  It is not too often that you realize your dependence on modern technology until it is ripped away from you.  My roommates and I were watching a movie, and the power went out.  We were immediately filled with dread, knowing that there would be NOTHING to do.  Our lives revolve technology.  We spend most of our time watching DVDs.  When we are not, we are working on homework which involves our computers and network.  My computer was not charged because I had not yet plugged my computer back in after class.  What is more, most of our homework is either assigned over the internet, or we need the internet in order to do it.  When the power went out, the network also went down, thus we could not do homework.  Especially now being in the dark, there was nothing to do…

On to the lighter side of the issue, I love the way our thought processes work, when we loose power.  For example, its now dark, so you think to yourself, I should turn the lights on.  *Flip of the switch* Nothing happens.  Oh, do you know what else gives off a decent amount of light?  The TV!  If only I can find that crazy remote.  But its too dark, I need to turn the lights on.  *Flip of the switch* Oh, yeah the power is out.  Well, I cant find the remote, I will just push the button.  *Push* Oh, the power is still out.  Well, I am hungry.  But I have an electric stove.  Oh, I can use the microwave, and it has a light.  *food enters the microwave* *Pushing buttons* Oh, no the power is out, I cant use the microwave.  Well, in my boredom, I will do something productive like laundry.  *Clothes enter the machines* Crap, when will I get it?  The power is out!!!  Well, I know that its not the breaker, but I will check it just in case.  Its so dark in here, I need to turn the lights on.  *Flip the switch* Oh, yeah the power is off.

So after visiting all of the major appliance, light switches (several times), and circuit breaker, you decided to give up and play board games by candle light.  Here is the kicker: you forget to leave the switches on so that you can know when the power comes back on.  Hours later, after several rounds of the popular game “sorry” you did not realize that the power was only out for 20 minutes.  Hours of frustration should have only been a few minutes…

Anyhow, hope all is well out there.  Take care, and God Bless


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