Campus Days

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Campus Days

The tradition of hosting hundreds of students all at once in order to bring them to your school is coming upon us once again. As such, I would like to lay out the reasons that I am against this.

False Advertising. I honestly feel like campus days (in any school) is false advertising. Get the campus cleaned up, for the only time it will be clean the entire semester. Bring out the “good” food for the Cafeteria. Students be on your best behavior. Have fun socials, because they are going on every night of every week. Campus days people, don’t go to class, you are missing your own school to be here. Actually, some of you may want to go to a class. We have some picked out for you already. Don’t go into one that is not on your list, no one will be ready, the other classes are coached for this time (slight exaggeration).

Disruption to the education process. Not only does campus days put extra pressure on the faculty and staff, but also on the students. We have to accommodate the guests, show them around, and all are asked to volunteer their time in some capacity, where it be setting up, cleaning up, giving tours, or hosting (which is the easiest part). But this takes time, time that we don’t have-especially at this time in the semester. I don’t know about you, but I have two papers that were just assigned due in 1-3 weeks, and I don’t have time to volunteer-since we don’t have enough volunteers, it will probably be pretty much mandated. Either that, or a friend will approach and ask for a personal favor. Just say no, Brad, just say no…

General Campus Disruption. Lost and confused people will need to be shown around as I am going from class to class, even though I am late already, I would not dare ignore our guests. Cafeteria will be filled beyond capacity, serving their “special food” and those of us with the prepaid meal plans are the ones that get screwed in it all.

And my favorite, Spiritual Manipulation. I will never forget this. At Southeastern last year, we had a special even chapel service. We had the best music, special lighting, and a fog machine to set atmosphere. The worship leader stopped toward the end of the worship part and said this, “I know that some of you are thinking that this is a special chapel. No, all of our chapel services are just like this.” Yes, we had a fog machine at every chapel service, the best musicians play every morning, and we always dim the lights and bring extra lighting to create the right atmosphere.

I personally don’t like the whole concept of campus days, but I recognize it as being much needed. Bethany University needs to grow. Without growth in the student body, the school will die. Really it is dying now, but more students is the only way to rejuvenate it, and this is the best recruiting tactic any school has. So, student I urge you to embrace the process. It is only a 2 day event-really only a little more than 24 hours. I think that we can manage 24 hours of discomfort. If you need a little retreat to breather your sanity, go to starbucks, coffecat, or where ever else you get your coffee. Though it may be a minor inconvenience, it is for the good of the school and for you also.


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