Sunday, April 16, 2006 


Life makes interesting twists and turns sometimes.  You think that you are headed in one direction, and God steps in and changes the course of your life.  That is one reason that I am so glad to be a Christian. 

I heard a Christian comedian (I know, they should not exist because of the fact that most of them are so lame, but this was a good point) once say that if he could sum the Christian life up in one word he would say interesting.  By no means is it easy, it is not all hard, sometimes fun, other times not.  Simply put, following God is an adventure.  So on goes my life and this adventure of following God. 

Sometimes it seems hard to know that God sometimes makes things difficult by not showing you everything all at once.  But it is at these times that I look toward God, laugh and hit a parked car.  Seriously, though, the Chrisitan life is by far the most adventurous life there is.  If anyone ever doubts sit down with a missionary ask about their exeriences on the field.

Anyhow, I say all of this to say that God is changing the course of my life right now.  Details to come.  I am not sure how much Roberta wants me to share, so until we make a final decision, I guess its on the DL… When I can, I will explain.

Keep following the adventures of following Christ.



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