Fun Times

Well, first of all, let me add some clarification to my last blog.  Here is what I was getting at but did not say.  Roberta and I have decided that it would not be a good idea for us to move to Missouri for her Master’s degree.  Instead, she is applying to the Extension Campus of Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle.  Yes, we are looking to return back home.  This sounds like a much more feasible option for us at this time.  Please pray with us that we can get everything in order, to make a smooth adjustment into married life.

I apologize for my last blog in writing up to a climatic point and leaving you hanging (thanks Daniel).  I will try not to do that anymore.

So, now onto my purpose for blogging today.  As we have all noticed gas prices are getting high again, and only looking to get higher.  This drives me nuts, as such, I have come with my next top ten list.  Top Ten Ways to Know That Gas Prices are Too High

1)      You have to take out a second mortgage to pay for your gas card

2)      An unusual amount of people riding bikes-and your not in France.

3)      Instead of grubby gas station uniforms, attendants are wearing three piece suits

4)      One quick squeeze of the pump costs $25

5)      Your car is worth less than the gas you pump into it and you drive a beamer

6)      It is cheaper to rent a helicopter and fly to work than to drive-and you work from your home.

7)      NASCAR filed for bankruptcy

8)      Tom is not jumping up and down on Oprahs couch screaming about Katie, he is screaming about gas prices

9)      Cab drivers begin to take American Express, Vista and Mastercard

10)  Currency no longer backed by gold, its backed by oil


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