Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Hey FriendsWell, I have finished all of my course work!!!  It is a bittersweet day for me.  I am excited to have “finished” college, but that always comes with mixed emotions.  I am sad to leave this dysfunctional place.  I have grown to love BU, even though it is often sad to see all of the dysfunction that go on here.  My roommate also left today.  My room is big, empty and actually sad…

On another note, my car died yesterday.  Today I found out that it will be end of our relationship together.  I love my car, and am mourning the loss of her.  She like BU was ghetto and full of issues, and I like the Administration of BU covered up some of the ghettoness as best as I could, but its ghettoness was still evident.  I will miss her greatly.

On a positive note, I am so excited to be finished with undergrad.  I have been thinking off and on for the last couple of days about my last four years of life, and I have to re-iterate one thing about life:  Living for God is an adventure!  As a Senior in high school, I would have never thought that it would have been anything like it was.  I started in Modesto, CA, nearly quit three times.  In fact, one day I walked into the dean’s office with full intentions of telling him that I was leaving.  I was all packed up and ready to go, but God stepped in.  After finishing my internship/credentialing program in Modesto, I packed up and headed to SEU.  I had a love/hate relationship with SEU.  I loved many aspects of it, but could not tolerate much of it.  The biggest part of that was their desire for us to spend 6 years on our undergrad. 

So, off to Bethany we went.  Praise the Lord that they accepted enough of our credits that we could graduate in time!  I feel blessed to be here, back on the west coast where we belong…  Anyhow, here I am at the end of the road and now looking forward to what God has for me now.  I cannot go in detail of what our plans are because they are not finalized yet, but when it is, I will.  Thank God for his care over me. 

For my BU friends: Thank you for being around and being (mostly) really cool people!

For my SEU friends: I miss you all deeply, and wish I was there with you.  But you know then I would not be here, and I would not be graduating.  So goes round and round…

All friends and family:  Thanks for your love and support as I have worked my way through college, and will begin to struggle out on my own (well with Roberta, but you know what I mean…)

Take care, God bless, and let Him always direct you.  Trust me it makes life more interesting!!!


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