There Ought To Be Laws

Well, in my recent days, I have noticed that driving in the PNW (or pacific northwest for you outsiders) has become more difficult do to the rising number of bad drivers in the area.  With this in mind, I propose that we write some new laws to put on the books.  First I will deal with this idea.  There ought to be a law that stupidity (espeically in driving) is punishable by immediate execution at the hands of the one who was offended. 

Think about it.  Lets say that some idiot is out on the road, in a hurry to get where ever she is going.  Being focased on one thing, she forgets about the other drivers on the road, cutting people off, swerving through 3 lanes of traffic, just sheer offensive (not in term of offence and defensive, I mean it is offensive to other drivers) driving.  Now, if she knew that driving like this would cost her life by the next gun toting person in the car that she just cut off, she would not be driving like that.  She would have left earlier, so that she would not be in such a hurry.  Then she would drive like a civilized human being.

There ought to be a law that the media relax about Myspace.  I know that it can be a dangerous place, and bad things do happen here, but come on.  If parents would actually take an interest in their child’s life, they would know what is going on in their kids’ lives and Myspace would be simply what it is designed to be.  Lets not mention the fact that the bad people (can you tell I am a children’s pastor?) that give myspace a bad name is like >1% (or less than one percent).

There ought to be a law that teachers cannot exagerate about the next level in a student’s education.  I remember my teachers always saying that what we were doing would be important to for the next year.  For example, in third grade I was told that I had to learn cursive (which I have never used in my life) because in fourth grade, everything is done in cursive.  My most recent experience with this one is collegite life.  Countless Profs have said, “If you think college life is busy wait until you get into the “real world.” especially ministry.”  I always knew this was a crock.  Recently I was re-evaluating this statement.  I thought that especially being married this would be true.  Let me tell you something, THEY LIED.  I can guiltlessly relax entire days!!!  Do what ever I please, and its all good.  My wife and I can do nothing all day, and do you know what?  We are better for it.  I have no on going homework hanging over my head, perhaps a work project, but I have 40 hours a week set aside for work.  I get to leave work at work.  Granted I work a lot, but when I am not there, I forget about it.

Finally, there ought to be a law requiring people to exercise 30 minutes a day.  Can you imagine how much healthier America would be if everyone worked out 30 minutes a day?  I know that you could never enforce this, but think about the ramifications of the law.  Gyms and health clubs would probabaly have to figure out a way to make membership available to everyone.  I realize that still not everyone would work out, but think about how many more people would just because they want to be law abiding citizens.  We can begin to wean people out of the horrible clutches of TV and push them back outside (I include myself in this one), and become more social people. 

Well, if you are still reading this, know that I do not really cling to these views (except for the one about stupid people J/K), but do ocasionally entertain these ideas. 

Can you think of any laws that help better our society?



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