Tuesday, February 20, 2007 

Category: Blogging

Define Irony: Homeless people panhandling using the back of Jobdango signs to get their message accross…

Church is like Starbucks: Many people will drive out of their way, for a long time past many others, to get to the one of their choice.

Spring training is in full swing, well games start in just a couple of days.

Don’t make yourself invaluable, you cannot be promoted

I hate American Idol

Ben and Jerry’s is the best, especially peanut butter cup.

The dogs and I cannot co-exist in the same house for much longer.  Fortunutly, mom and dad are returning soon.

24 is the second best show on TV.

Heroes, especially last night’s episode is much better, sorry Jack…

I am almost moved into my new house.

David Crowder Band is the best

Scrubs is by far the best comedy on TV or iTunes

I love Cheesecake



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