I Believe (Sports Edition)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008 

I Believe

I Believe (sports edition)…


Baseball is the national sport.


Opening day of the Baseball season should be a national holiday.


Griffy should run for the Presidency.


Baseball is for educated people.


The Whitehouse and all of Washington DC should be moved to Cooperstown…on second thought, that might contaminate Cooperstown too much.


The DH position makes the game of Baseball more exciting.


Steroids are overrated, and those that use them are make unwise choices.


I am going to win the NCAA Bracket Challenge that our Pastors have every year.


Super bowl Sunday and Monday Night Football drives the alcohol and food delivery industry.


Though many have said it for many years, I have not, but this year, I will be a voice in the crowd… This is the Seahawks year.


Hockey is a real man’s sport.


Tennis is not a sport.


Safeco Field just might be heaven on earth.


Love them or hate them, the Yankees are undeniably good for baseball.


The “Old Yankee Stadium” deserves to become a national monument the day the Yankees play their last game this year.


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