Follow Your Dreams

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 

Follow your dreams
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I recently had a really cool experience.  An old friend, perhaps my oldest friend looked me up on myspace and told me that he and his band were going to be playing in coffee shop in Hillsboro.  So, I told him that I would do my best to be there, and I followed through.  I got to hear him play and really enjoyed it. 


That in and of itself is not really that grand.  Perhaps if I could let you into my mind for a moment, you might see how this was such a cool experience for me.  


My brother and I grew up with this guy and his brothers.  Our parents were in a Bible Study together, and great friends outside of the Bible Study and church.  As it happens, my brother, and he and his brothers and I were often together.  Through the years, we went our own directions and rarely saw one another. 


I had seen his brothers in some different capacities over the years but I had not seen him for probably 8 years.  My brother had seen him and his band play a couple of times, and had a good report.  Now, I love music, but am completely unmusical myself.  One thing that I know about the entertainment industry is that it is really hard to get into and be successful.  So, when I heard about my friend pursuing a career in music, the cynical side of me spoke first and probably sarcastically wished him luck.


I try really hard to support my friends in almost no matter what they are doing, unless it is really ridicules or stupid.  So, when a friend asks me to come and watch them, unless I have an impossible schedule conflict, I’ll do my best to be there. 


So, I walk into this coffee shop and see my friend.  He sees me, gives me a big hug and we small talk for a few minutes.  Between the show starting and our conversation, I checkout his band information.  He has been on tour for a month or so, all over Washington, into Canada, and a couple of shows in Oregon. 


All of the sudden, it dawns on me, he is not just in a “band” jamming in their garage.  He is out there working on his dream, trying to make it big.  I for one understand following your dream.  I spent my whole life (25 years) chasing my dream, and now I am living it.  To most people it is not the most prestigious thing, and I don’t stand out to anyone who does not really know me (and I even wonder if I stand out to them).  But to see someone with a huge dream, chasing it and doing everything he can to make it happen…. All I can say is “Wow.” 


My dream that I chased was fairly simple: I wanted to go to college, earn my degree, then be in full time ministry.  Seeing as how I was able to accomplish that by the age of 23, I would say that is really simple.  Though I can not articulate what my friend’s dream is, it is huge.  Any time a dream involves a career in the entertainment industry, it is a huge dream.  From all I could see (and I am no expert), it looked like he was doing everything right to accomplish his dream. 


That day, I did not have time to say for the whole set, as I had soccer practice starting, but the image that I was left with, I don’t think I will ever forget.  He took an intermission, and went to talk with the people in the coffee shop.  All of the kids gathered around him, and asked him to sign their CDs and other band merchandise on sale.  He patiently signed each one, gave me a hug on the way out and remembered to send me an email when he got back home.  He did not forget about the people who are making his dreams come true.


If you are interested in his music, the artists name is Dave Hannon.  His myspace page is


Follow your dreams, whatever they may be!





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