Worship Stations

This last weekend, we did something a little bit different. In children’s church, we began to incorporate “worship stations” into our worship time. What are worship stations? Well, I am glad that you asked. Worship stations are ways for the kids to connect to and worship God in ways other than in music. Since it was the first time to try this, we did it in our small groups. Each small group had time to practice each station, and worship God in all 3 different ways.

There are several reasons I wanted to have these worship stations. First of all, not everyone connects to music, or even the type of music that we play in children’s church. This allows kids to connect to God in a way other than music. Secondly, corporate worship as typically done through singing is great, but it is confined typically to Sunday, for the first 30 minutes of the church service. If God is number one in our lives, than He deserves a whole lot more than 30 minutes a week. The worship stations are all done with things that can be found around the house, or easily purchased to do at home. Kids can take this home with them and worship anytime they want-without a worship band, the right music, or others to lead them in worship. Third, almost anything that we do can be worship to God, we only have to have the right attitude in doing it. This is teaching the kids that very concept.

We had 3 worship stations this last week: Play dough, art, and journaling. In the play dough station, we talked briefly about what we are thankful for, and how God is the creator of all good things. The kids were then encouraged to make something they are thankful for with the play dough, and show someone what you are thankful for. At the art station, they were encouraged to make a picture for God. After all, so much art is an expression of worship to God; for example, the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo painted it as an act of worship to God. The very walls and ceiling of the Sistine chapel tell the stories of the Bible. The last station was journaling. Here, the kids were encouraged to think about one word that describes God. Some shared their one word, then they were given journals to write the worship to God in. Neatness does not count; neither does spelling, or even using the right words. Effort is what counts here. Kids who do not know how to write could get help from their small group leader. Here is a sample of some of things that the kids wrote (as they wrote it):

“AmAZiNg!, Wow, Luv, king of kings”
“Dear God, I Love you.”
“love, mighty, powerful great”
“To me God is my personal best friend. he’s alway’s there for me when I need him or my time’s of trouble when I call upon his name. He is great I worship him & love him.”
“mighty, loveing, humble, omnipotent, omniprent awsome, ever sined.”
“dear god
you are joy
are not mean
are carefil”
“God you are a awesome God! God I will allways pray for you! you will allways be my God! you are good”

What a powerful expression of worship that these kids made last weekend. I was blown away when I saw and read some of these things!

If this stirs something up in you, perhaps you may want to get involved. Feel free to give me a call and talk about how you can be involved in Children’s Church.


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