Mythbusting Day Camp

We had such an awesome week at Mythbusting Day Camp!!! 32 kids participated in awesome chapel times, small group discussion, fun field trips and cool crafts. They were led throughout the week by the most awesome teenagers on the earth. Each one of them did a great job of keeping their group together (not an easy task-especially at the zoo, or OMSI), making sure that the kids made it to all the places they needed to get to, and not leaving anyone behind anywhere. I am very proud of each one of them.

The theme of the camp was “Mythbusting.” Each day, there was a video of Anthony Burris and I busting or confirming a pop culture myth, or otherwise putting our bodies on the line in the name of entertainment. By the way, these videos are now posted for your enjoyment on the Kid’s Live Fan page.

Our chapel talks were on different myths that people believe about God or the Bible. The myths that we covered were:

1) Myth: God is not real.
Truth: God is real, and alive!

2) Myth: God does not love you.
Truth: God loves you more than anyone else ever could!

3) Myth: You have to do good things for God to love you.
Truth: God’s love and forgiveness are unconditional!

4) Myth: Things in the Bible did not actually happen.
Truth: There is much proof that the stories are true and real!

5) Myth: You have to grow up to do great things.
Truth: Many young people have done great things for God!

The idea of Mythbusting Day Camp was birthed out of my desire for kids to be know why we believe things so that when they are challenged (and they are going to be challenged) on why they believe, they can answer the questions. There are many people out there who genuinely believe these these myths and want everyone to think like them. God’s word calls us to be people who are always “prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have…with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15).

Whether we want to admit it or not, people in authority (teachers, school administrators etc.) are teaching our children these myths. I pray that the truths that we talked about each day will sink in their hearts and when the day comes where the teachers tell our kids “there is no God” they will answer, “I know there is because at Mythbusting Day Camp in the summer of 2009, we learned that there is a God, and He is alive. We know He is there beacause…”

Thank you to the parents who saw the value of investing in their kids lives to sign their kids up for Mythbusting Day Camp, and to the teenagers who gave a week of their lives to lead the kids, the parents that brought their teenagers to church each day, to our wonderful bus driver and our craft leader!


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