So, why should anyone volunteer? I can think of a hundred reasons that volunteering is good. Please note that I am not specifically mentioning volunteering for Children’s Ministry, but volunteering in general.

First of all, we are all called to serve. When we become a Christ follower, we are not signing up for a country club, or a place to come and hear about Jesus for a few minutes a week. We are signing up for a life of service. Jesus lived a life of service, he healed people, taught, gave out food, and cleaned his father’s house (by cleaned his father’s house I mean that he drove out the men who should not have been there). If we are to follow in his example, we are to serve people too. It is what we were called to do.

It is YOUR church. Do you want to associated with a church that has a great reputation in the community, that people want to join, community leaders admire, and neighbors are proud of? How about a church that is making a difference in the community, or eternity? You have the opportunity to make that happen. I know what you are thinking, “Well, it is someone else job. And aren’t you paid for that?” Well, first of all, everyone else is think that it is everyone else’s job. No one thinks it is their job, so no one does what must be done. Next, well, yes I am paid for that. However, the job is too big for one person. My job is really to equip the church to do the ministry of the church, not for me to do the ministry of the church. How can one person be in all of the places people are needed on Sunday mornings, or be out in the community and preparing messages, and counseling people, and visiting hospitals and… so on and so on. If you do not want your church to have a positive reputation, keep on thinking that it is someone else’s job to create it. This is YOUR church.

It is the most important cause you can give your life to. I can name several great organizations that are doing good things, raising lots of money and sending to great places. However, one day each of these organizations will be done. Either they fulfill their mission and the need is gone, or their support will dry up. When it is all said and done, they will have made a difference for some people. However, the work of the gospel has a much further reach-it reaches into eternity. This is the most important cause you can give your life to.

It will change your life. I am where I am today, because I volunteered. I began volunteering in Children’s Ministry as soon as I graduated from Children’s Ministry. I had the wrong motives. I volunteered because I did not want to go the adult service. Wrong motives aside, I was still doing the right thing. Somewhere along the way, (I could pinpoint for you the exact moment, but that is another story for another day) God grabbed a hold of my heart and instilled a passion for children. My (nearly) every thought is about ministering to children, my (nearly) every waking moment is spent learning about kids behavior, how to best reach them, how to create fun for kids, and most all how to minister to them. This is not because it is what I am paid to do. It is because God has changed my life, and I can’t help but do it.

Someone, somewhere volunteered for you, and as a result you are where you are today. Maybe you grew up in the church, and multitude of people volunteered for you. Maybe you recently found God, and someone volunteered to share the gospel with you or invite you to church. Any event, someone volunteered for you.

The greatest reward can be found in giving of yourself. Ministry is hard work. When I leave church on Sunday afternoon, I am tired, hungry, and usually my body aches from standing and moving all morning long. However tired, hungry or painful I feel, there is one thing that rises above it all: I walk away every Sunday knowing that what I did today changed the lives of anywhere from 30-75 kids, and families. The change is not temporary either, it is for eternity. There is an indescribable sense of accomplishment, and wonder that I get that keeps me going. Even if my job was horrible (it is not by the way), and the environment was toxic (again it is not), and my co-workers were mean (they are the best I could ask for), it would all be worth it for Sundays. The greatest reward that you can ever get can be found in giving of yourself.

So, where is your place to volunteer? Children’s ministry? Youth Ministry? Short term missions? Music Ministry? Office work? Small group leader? Something else? Find your fit and start volunteering. Have an excuse to not volunteer? Tune in next time…


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