Kiids Camp

We had such a great time at Kiids Camp last week! The kids participated in activities from swimming to river tubing, archery to bmx biking, gross games, and awesome chapel services. My good friend Nick Caalim was our speaker with assistance from another friend of ours JP O’Connor.

In case you missed it, the double i in “Kiids Camp” is intentional, speaking to the theme we selected of the Nintendo Wii. Pastor Nick and JP drew upon this theme to talk about different things in the chapel times. On Monday evening, they talked about “Getting your game on” or starting or restarting your relationship with God. On Tuesday, they addressed “error messages” or different things that distract us from God’s best in our lives. Wednesday was all about the “Cheat Code.” Jesus is the cheat code in our lives. Sometimes (there is no other way to put it), WE NEED JESUS in the hard parts of our lives. They talked about specific areas in our lives such as divorce, money problems, self-esteem, sickness, worry, and acceptance by our friends. Thursday we talked about “system update” or the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Friday’s chapel was all about taking it home. While camp is a great encounter with God, and lots of fun, it is not just about that. We must also live out what God is doing in our lives at home too.

In our chapel services we had some fun guests come in and help us learn. We had Reginald Gamerson, a self proclaimed video game guru, who was not sure even how to turn his original 8 bit Nintendo system on, and resident superhero Inside Out Man. Inside Out Man always took what was happening on the inside of him, and live it on the outside. There was an unfortunate quirk about him, where he would dress inside out also. You can see the pictures.

This year’s camp was great! We had a lot of fun, but most of all I saw God move in the lives of the kids, and many of them will not ever be the same. The kids were so hungry for God, that they would often come to the alters and stay for 30-45 minutes. It was truly awesome to see the kids seeking after God in such powerful ways.

For those whose children did not attend Kiids Camp this year, I would recommend that you consider sending your kids next year. If finances are in issue, begin to save now, if you begin saving $20 a month now, your kids will have their camp paid for and spending money.


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