Missional Living

Hey Friends,

This is one of the rare times that I am writing on this page something that does not deal directly with children. However, I feel that this is an important topic that we need to talk more about.

In our staff meetings lately, we have spent a lot of time talking about being missional. Before I write another sentence, it is imperative that I define this word. Being missional means: “To know God and to make Him known.” The idea behind it is being strategic with what God has given us to accomplish the “making Him known” part by asking 2 questions: 1) To whom does God need to be made known and 2) How can I make God known.

Let us break down the first question. To whom does God need to be made known? The short answer is everyone who does not already know him. The long answer simple, but requires some thought. Who has God placed around you that does not know Him, co-workers, neighbors, family members, clients, friends, employees, etc? These are all the natural places to look, but there is also the clerk at the grocery store that you see every time you go, your server at the restaurant that waits on you frequently, your every morning barista, and the people that you see when you go out for your morning walk.

Now that we know to whom we need to make God known, let’s look at the how. This is where it becomes much more creative. First of all, the most important component is to have relationship with people. For some, this relationship comes through baking cookies for the neighborhood, and showing love for the neighbors. Through cookies, relationships are developed and opportunities are created to share God. Relationships come through hanging out after work and spending time with people in the office. Maybe eating lunch together, and going out for coffee outside of work. Other people are very much into meeting needs. One church in the area went out and purchased several cases of water when they heard that the weather was going to heat up a couple of weeks ago. On the hot days, they went searching for construction workers, and anyone else who was working outside, and delivered cold water. The method is up to you, your creativity and your gifting.

Nothing here talks about actually sharing Jesus… How does this make God known? Jesus said that our love for one another is how the world will know that we are His disciples (John 13:35). More importantly, these things bring our credibility up in other people’s lives, so that when we speak, they know we are “real”. Have you ever gotten a word of advice from someone you did not know? Did you take it? If you are anything like me, you dismissed it. However, let’s say that you got the same advice from a friend who was an expert on the subject or at least you know that they love you enough to want only good things for you. Would you take it then? It is also important to remember, that some people plant a seed, and others water it, but only one person gets to see the fruit (it’s a loose analogy, please don’t get caught up in it). However, every person was necessary in the process (1 Corinthians 3:5-8).

Ian Green, who meets with our staff periodically and encourages us to think missional, says this on the subject, “A great way to bring Christ into a conversation is to assume everyone is a Christ follower-until they show otherwise.” It is difficult to bring God into a conversation where someone might react unfavorably, right? Assume they are a Christ follower and the conversation becomes as easy as if you were in the church atrium. For example, when admiring God’s creation, just state how beautiful “God’s Creation” really is, rather than to just talk about the beauty. Talk openly of God’s healing when you are healed, regardless of whether or not it was “miraculous”.

Being missional, knowing God, and making Him known. Are you missional in your life? What can you do to be more missional? Feel free to comment on this note, or start a discussion topic in the discussion tab. This is a huge topic, which can not be completely addressed in one facebook note.


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