Thursday, August 13, 2009 

Category: Blogging

5 years ago, if you said the word “Twitter” the closest association that anyone could make is Bambi… Now Twitter is everywhere.  Its being used by individuals, businesses, journalists, news outlets, you name it.  And I love it.


Here is what I LOVE about twitter.  Through twitter, I stay in contact with people that I would not be able to, and have even made new friends.  Recently, as announced on this blog, Ro and I went through a tragedy.  She announced it on twitter and facebook, and I lay low.  I did not make any direct announcement, but anyone who has paid attention to my tweets and could read between the lines could figure out what was going on.

Anyhow, after I posted one of my tweets, I got a DM (or direct message, twitter’s form of email, but still limited to 140 characters) from a guy who follows me, and I follow him, but we have never met.  All I know about him is his username  and the fact that he is a children’s pastor in ….Oregon…..  Nevertheless, that did not stop him from sending me a DM asking about what was going on-not for his gossip fest, but so that he can pray for us. 

A few minutes later, I got a DM from a friend who has moved away, but we follow each other on twitter.  He asked about what was going on, and encouraged me, and said that he was praying also.  You might not be a twitter user, perhaps you don’t understand it, but in my business these gestures are huge. 

Here is another side to twitter that I have been on the fence about, but finally landed on one side.  Probably every twitter user knows that if you tweet enough you will eventually get people following you who you don’t know, and don’t want to know.  Included in this list are girls trying to promote their “website” (if you know what I mean).  For a while, as I was getting these adds, I would remove and block them. 

Then a thought occurred to me.  I am a pastor, and many of my tweets are “God Thoughts” or “Spiritual Nuggets”, so why am I denying (people who I assume are) pre-Christ Followers the possible spiritual encouragement that they might need?  Now, I am not at all interested in following them, nor do I want to give off the idea that I am following them, and supporting of their “website” but I can still breathe life to them.

Recently, on a Sunday Morning I sent a tweet (which also updates my facebook status) that said something like: I know that when I have a difficult Sunday morning God is up to something big.  A friend from High School saw this and posted it a comment on facebook saying something like “Don’t trust God, he is a sham.”  This tool called twitter and facebook opened up a dialogue with an old to talk about God that I would not have had otherwise.

Some think technology is evil, of course it would not be anyone here, but I embrace it.  God uses any willing and available tool regardless of its original intention.  Think about it-God used heathen, Godless people to bring about the greatest miracle of all time.  It was not God fearing, saintly people who nailed Jesus to the cross, but they were still used by God.

What tools are out there that can be used to bring God glory that you are not currently using?  Feel free to comment-your comment can encourage someone else to use it too.

If you are interested in following me on twitter my user name is @PastorBradShim.  I would also love to add you as a friend on my Facebook, if you have a facebook.


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