Student Missionaries

School is starting soon. That is probably not news to anyone. The reason I bring this up, is because now is a great time to talk with your kids about sharing their faith. In a few short weeks most kids will be in a new classroom with some kids that may be familiar, and some kids that may be new. In any case, it’s a great time for the kids to “declare” who they are to the kids in their class. I say “declare” but they don’t need to stand up on their desk and say, “MY NAME IS JOE AND I AM A CHRISTIAN,” they only need to live a life of love for others to see that they are different.

I would like to address three most common places where kids are and talk about what they can do in each of these three places.

First of all, there is the public school. If your child is public school, they need as much prayer support as possible. Not only do they have to stand against the tide of what pre-Christian kids do, but also learn to be able to respectfully disagree with teachings that are ungodly, and discern truth. This is a great time to talk to your kids about that. Nevertheless, many great Godly kids go through public school and come out living for God.

If your kids are in public school, encourage them above to be friends with everyone-especially the unpopular kids. There are 2 ends of the spectrum here, and your kids can be friends with both ends: there are the unpopular kids who are constantly teased, and the “popular” kids who have lots of friends and are often times doing the teasing. Both groups of kids need positive friends. The kids who are doing the teasing need friends and love in their life. The odds are, they are doing the teasing because they don’t feel that love and acceptance, and are projecting it out on an easy target. The kids who are being teased need friends for the obvious reasons.

Private Christian Schools are typically from one of two ends of the spectrum. Ther are very few schools in the middle. First there are schools like Life Christian School where the kids are all supposed to Christ followers, the environment is positive, mostly good kids attend, mostly Christ followers. Then there is the otherside, where they are evangelistic-opening up their doors to anyone, hoping that some will make commitments to follow Christ during the course of their education. The down side to this is the possibility that the environment can become more like a public school.

For those who attend a school like Life Christian School, there are few kids who are not yet Christ followers, and they get the gospel everyday. So, while your kids can share God’s love with this group, the maximum impact will be else where. Do your kids play sports in a city league? That is a great place to share God’s love. How about their neighborhood? What about adopting a public school? Most schools of this nature are not big enough to have all the sports, music programs, and extracurricular activities that are offered in public schools. Is it possible to get your kids into one of these programs in a public school (I really don’t know, so I am genuinely asking the question, not just offering a suggestion)? For schools on the other end of the spectrum, I would look at it like a public school (except you don’t have to worry about what is being taught as much). The advantage of being in a Christian School like this, is that you can openly share the gospel, and will be supported by the administration.

The last area is homeschooling. I think that homeschooling is a great alternative to the traditional education route. There are many opportunities here for kids to share God’s love. First of all, does your child belong to a co-op? The kids in the co-op are a great mission field. How about also adopting a public school? I am fairly confident that the public schools are open to home school kids for music programs, and other extracurricular including sports.

My point is your kids can be great missionaries to other kids. I do not have the capacity to reach kids like the kids do. I get to put on huge events and hope they invite their friends. Use your imagination to get creative; help your kids see how they can share God’s love with their friends.

This is a great time to challenge your kids to decide on how they want to share God’s love, and practice a bit before school gets out. Train your kids to be missionaries now, and they will be missionaries for their whole lives!

In 2nd Kings 21-22, we see the story of Josiah. Josiah’s father was the King of Israel-briefly. He was an evil king who worshiped idols and encouraged the people of Israel to do the same. Some people of Israel decided that they did not like this. So they planned and carried out a scheme to dethrone Amon (Josiah’s father) and install Josiah as the King. By the way, Josiah was only 8 years old.

While Josiah was king, the Temple was being remodeled. During this remodeling process the Book of the Law was found and read for the King to hear. Josiah was so distraught upon hearing the book being read, that he tore his robes, and immediately send Godly men to pray and hear from God. Long story short, Josiah brought the people of Israel back to a place where they were serving God again. Think about what your child can do for the Kingdom of God-and encourage them to start now.


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