VBS Recap

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking and running a rotation for VBS while my wonderful wife directed. Last week’s VBS was an Olympic theme. We had Olympic Games the kids played each day, challenges for each team to complete, snacks, object lessons to go with the teachings about being an Olympic athlete, and Olympic crafts.

The lessons dealt with what it takes to be an Olympic Athlete. They included: Making right choices, Being on the right team (having the right friends), Knowing how to play the game (importance of knowing the Bible), having a good attitude, and perseverance (don’t give up).

We had about 75 kids each day come and participate in life changing activities. On Monday and Friday, I gave invitations for the kids to receive Christ, and both times 5-7 kids accepted.

I did not do this on my own. It took a tremendous amount of effort from our volunteers. I wish that I could begin to name everyone involved, but there was such an army of people working that I am sure I would leave someone out, and then feel really guilty about not naming them. From planning to staging this VBS, cleaning up and everything between, I believe that we had 40-50 people involved in helping to make this the best VBS in the Greater Portland Area!

I would like to take a moment and say thank you to every single person who helped make it happen. Many of you would say, “I don’t feel like I did that much.” Well, that is the beauty of having so many people involved. When we have so many people, it does not require any one person to do too much. However, it does not diminish the importance of any one person’s role. Each person involved was still equally important. Imagine what would happen if were not there to do your job. At the very best scenario, you just add stress to another person, at the very worst-VBS spins out of control, and it becomes a mess. Bottom line, each person was very much needed there.

Thank you to every single person who made VBS happen: Group leaders and group leader assistants, Rotation leaders, rotation assistants, planners, shoppers, characters for teaching time, volunteer coordinators, and registration people. Thank you one and all for your hard work!

By the way, I have a few things left over that I have no idea who they belong to: a couple of brooms from broom hockey, some clothes, and a camera. If you know who they belong to, I would love to return them their rightful owner.


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