Harvest Party Recap

I wanted to take a minute and celebrate/thank everyone who was involved in our harvest party this past weekend. First of all, I must thank everyone involved. I had a phenomenal leadership team that organized, decorated and ran everything while I cast vision and stood out of their way. Thank you to the teachers for their help and understanding while we borrowed their classrooms for the weekend.

The Harvest Party was a success on several fronts. First of all, we counted conservatively 250 people who attended. Secondly, the Life Church stepped up to the plate, as I knew they would. We had an amazing showing of volunteers, so many that I literarily did not have enough things for everyone to do. Third, this amazing showing of volunteers cleaned everything up quick, fast, and in a hurry. I had the building cleaned, and locked down by 7:45. And of course, I could not forget the fun factor. Every participant had a tremendous amount of fun!

Thank you to all involved! If you are interested, I have attached 7 pictures I took of the harvest party (mostly decoration), for your viewing pleasure. I have a picture of each room decoration, except for the red room (hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture).

Hall way decore: Candies on the wall, candy canes, colored squares, and gingerbread men. Lots of fun, looked great!
Blue Room: Fishing Game
More of the hallway
Yellow Room: Cupcake walk
Green Room: Ball toss Game
More of the hallway

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