Bittersweet Symphony

Thursday, November 05, 2009 

Bittersweet Symphony
Category: Sports

Alas the World Series is over and the four month baseball drought until spring training has begun.  I always view the World Series as a Bittersweet Symphony.  It is bitter for a number of reasons.  First of all, any time the Yankees are participating it seems like a rerun.  They deserve it, they won 100+ games, played hard all season but it gets old after a while.  Its also bitter because each post season that passes it is a reminder that the ….Seattle…. fans no matter how great a regular season it has been, are once again denied the chance to play for the championship. 



Then there is drought. The span from November through mid February where there is no baseball.  It is the most difficult time of the year.  Thank God for the ..Holiday.. season.  Once the ..Holiday.. season is over, there is only a few weeks to go, in which scouting reports start forming, offseason news goes from rumor to truth, and pitchers and catchers report for the first week of training.  Oh, it’s a long 100 or so days…



The sweet part of the World Series of course is the celebration that is the top teams in all of baseball squaring off to determine who is better than whom.  This year, we saw two great teams in the Phillies and Yankees.  Players from both teams emerging as clutch players-Phillies: Lee, Utley, and Ruiz, Yankees: Matsui, Rodriguez, and Rivera. 



This was a disappointing series for me on a couple of levels.  First of all, the Yankees won, need I say more?  Also, life got the best of me this year, and I only got to see two of the six games. 



Game 1- At work

Game 2- Watched

Game 3- At work- got to see the last 2 innings, thanks for the rain delay.

Game 4- Went to church

Game 5- On the road on the way back to ….Portland….

Game 6- At work

Game 7- Would have watched… no matter what.



Anyhow, Bittersweet Symphony is a song by the British rock band, The Verve.  A great song from the late 90’s. 


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