Are You Kidding Me???

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?!?

It seems like I have been asking this question a lot lately. This last one how had me screaming it from the top of my lungs. I was listening to the radio this afternoon on the way home from lunch (a rare thing both to get to listen to the radio, and go home for lunch-different stories for a different day), and I heard the following news story (paraphrased and summarized by yours truly).

3 Navy seals are set to stand trial today for their capture of suspected terrorist .. who was on the top most wanted terrorist list, from ….Iraq….. .. is suspected of torture and murder of 3 Blackwell security guards in ….Iraq….. After their torture and murder, he had them decapitated, drug them through the streets, and finally placed on display on a bridge over the Tigris and ..Euphrates.. rivers. The Navy’s Elite are trial for allegedly punching .. while apprehending him.

This is the kind of non-sense that I hate from our government. I understand that there are rules to follow, and I do appreciate those rules-when they make sense. This is a savage who hates America so much that he goes so far as to not just kill, but continue to defame the men he killed by parading their bodies through the streets of Iraq, and displaying their headless bodies on a bridge as a warning to the Blackwell company and America in general. This is a man who will stop at nothing to show the world how much he hates ….America….. So we send our best soldiers out to get him, and what is their reward for going on a deadly mission? Stand trial, be threatened with loss of job, jail time, dishonorable discharge, and humiliation for doing something heroic?!?

These men and all men who honorably serve our country and preserve our freedom, deserve to be honored by the President and congress who send them out to fight, thanked by the people whom they are fighting for, and appreciated by the protestors who are given the right to protest by the very men they protest against. They do not deserve to put on trial because some coward thinks he might have been punched. Correct me if I am wrong but savages who do such unthinkable acts can take a punch once in a while. I took punches from my brother, and he took punches from me when we were kids under the ages of 12.

What is worse about this is that if this were a civilian court (I am uneducated about Military Justice), and these accusations were made, the terrorist would go free, because the arrest was botched. I pray the same is not true about Military Justice.



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