My favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving-not Christmas, or Easter. I love all of these holidays, but I like Thanksgiving the best. Partially, because of the family time, and awesome food, but really gets me about Thanksgiving is that it brings all of the other holidays together. It is the time of the year that we think to give thanks for what God has done for us. For the fact that sent His Son born of a virgin, and that His son died on the cross to rise again on the third day.

One thing I do every year is to take time and list things that I am thankful for-to God specifically, and thank him for what he has done in my life. Here are some quick things that I jotted down today:

1. God sent His Son to earth to live as an example to us.
2. Jesus died on the cross to forgive my sin.
3. He rose again to show his power over death.
4. He healed my dad of cancer twice.
5. He carried me when I was too weak to carry myself.
6. He has provided more for me than I deserve-especially during these hard economic times.
7. He has given my family and I good health
8. He has provided for us a great place to live.
9. I have had a good meal to eat everyday this year, in a world where not everyone has food to eat.
10. A great church family and wonderful staff to serve with.

There are several more things on this list that I could talk about, but will move on for the sake of time.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, every year at Thanksgiving time there would be these TV shows that would show the families eating thanksgiving dinner together. It would always feature a really cheesy segment where the mom would ask the kids what they are thankful for, and the kids just wanted to eat thanksgiving dinner so they would just say something or make a joke. Then the mom or dad would say something meaningful that came off really lame. I hated it and as a result, I have never had the practice.

Today in staff meeting, Pastor Werner started off our meeting by asking what each of us was thankful for. Despite my initial flashbacks of horrible 80’s & 90’s TV shows, I talked about how I am thankful to live where I do. Not just the Pacific Northwest, but this great land called America-where we have freedom from: tyranny and the horror of war being in our backyard, oppression of religion, and we have ability to express what we want to. It was a powerful moment for us all to talk about what we were thankful for. I would urge you to take stock this year of some things that you are thankful for and share them with your family.


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