Welcome to my blog

Thank you all for taking make the switch with me to my new blog.  Let me take a moment and explain what is going on here before anything else goes up.  I have moved/combined all of my blogs in this one page.  What used to be Xanga, MySpace and Facebook blogs are all now incorporated into this one page.  All of the blogs are chronologicall.  They are all unedited-just cut and pasted from the source.  I have also added my ministry blog from the Facebook Kids Live! Fan Page, and post them here as well.  The MySpace account will be deactived at the end of the year as will the Xanga.

I got a good kick out of going back and reading my old Xanga and MySpace blogs, and I hope you enjoy them as well.  Many of my opinions have since changed-espcially as they go further back.  Happy reading, and I look forward to blogging here in the future.

It is also important to note that this blog site is the personal thoughts of Brad Shimomura.  Unless the blog is marked as a Ministry Blog, they are not to be taken as a representation of Portland Christian Center, Kids Live! Children’s Ministry, Life Church Ministries, Life Center Ministries, Assemblies of God, or any church or denomination that I am affiliated or have been afiliated with.  Please do not take it as such.  Thank you!


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