What can I do?

Last November, I attended Fusion, the Children’s and Youth Leader’s retreat for the Oregon Ministry Network.  Tradition states that at these kinds of events Speed the Light and BGMC host one of the lunches to promote awareness for their ministries.  As the hosting ministry, they also get time to talk to us about what they do, and plea for us to support them.  I don’t mind this at all, as I already do support both.  Friday was BGMC’s day and the speaker did a fine job of presenting what BGMC does, and asking for support from those who do not yet support it.  All in all good but forgettable.

Speed the Light hosted Saturday’s lunch which was unforgettable on a couple of levels.  The director of the Youth Alive program for the state of Oregon spoke about what Speed the Light does both for his ministry and for the ministry abroad.  He shared the following experience with us:

“A couple of years ago, I was on vacation with my wife on a Caribbean cruise.  One of the port calls was to Port-Au Prince, Haiti.  The cruise set up for us a guided tour.  He took us around, and showed us a hospital.  He asked us, ‘How many of you are American?’

“A few of us raised our hands, and he answered, (having no idea who I was) ‘Go back home and plead with your churches to send your missionaries here.  Don’t ask your government for help, because they try to partner with our government and they are too  corrupt to do anything responsible.  Our government takes your money and do what they want, not what they promise to do.  Send your missionaries.  They do things that are good for Haiti.  They set up clinic where we can go and they take care of us.  They lend us their vehicles to help us get to places we need to in emergencies.  They do what Haiti needs, please keep sending your missionaries.  Teens, kids, families, they all do good for us.”

Haiti needs our help now.  I don’t know why this has happened.  In fact, I don’t care why it happened.  Some well-known “Christians” are saying that it is God’s judgement.  Others are upset that this message is out there.  I don’t really care, neither does the nation of Haiti.  They need help.  I have seen on twitter several agencies through which you can give.  There are plenty of organizations through which you can go if you are so compelled.  As Americans, we all have the capacity to Give, Pray, Go or do nothing.  I choose to do what I can do, please do not turn a blind eye to this tragedy.


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