Blank Page

It is an interesting symbol.  A simple white sheet of paper, that has no words written on it, not sure yet of its use.  Photocopy, hand drawing, cut out, water-color art, hand written note, and or even the insert of a DVD jacket are all possible uses of a single white sheet of paper.  Take just one of these uses, and it takes on an infinite number of additional possibilities.  For example, a hand written note can take be used to encourage a discouraged friend, discourage an idea, convey a new idea, sketch out the plot to the next blockbuster film… you get the idea.

I view the future as a blank page, in the story of our lives.  What has been written can not be changed.  There is no eraser for life.  However, the rest of the story remains to be seen.  There will always be some stray marks on at least on page ahead, as past decisions will always have an effect on our future.  But for the most part, the future is a blank page.  The future is nothing more or less than what you make of it.

So I ask, what is it you want to do?  Make some goals for yourself and steps to achieve these goals, and get started on it today.  I remember the story of a friend of mine who wanted a motorcycle.  One day, he came home to his wife and said, “I like motorcycles.”  (It probably was not exactly like that, but implying this through other statements).  A couple of days later, he said that he was going to look at motorcycles and he did.  A while later, he told his wife that he wants to take a motorcycle class, and he did.  After taking the class and earning his endorsement for his driver’s license, he again went to look at motorcycles.  Then one day, he asked his wife if he could purchase one, and she agreed.  He bought a motorcycle the next day.

My point in this story is that he had a goal: He wanted to own and ride a motorcycle.  Had he come home that first day and said, I am going to buy a motorcycle, the wife would have never gone for it.  However, taking these small steps lead to achieving the ultimate goal. 

What new years resolutions have you made? I know that it is “late in the year” to still be talking about new years resolutions, but it is it a goal or is it not?  If it is, it must be continually refreshed in your mind.  Research suggests that by February 14, new years resolutions are either resolved, or forgotten.  If you made a new years resolution it is important to you, and should not be forgotten.

My wife and I made a new years resolution, we want to run a half marathon.  The furthest we have run was a 5k in June, and we effectively quit running after that race.  Half marathon is much further than 5k.  In order to accomplish this, we are not about to just try to run a half marathon.  We have a training regiment, each day running more than the day before.  We signed up to run a 5k, picked a 10k and half marathon.  We have a start date, and target date by which we will either be ready or not. 

If your new years resolution is a daunting task, as running a half marathon is for me, break it down into small easy steps.  Before you know it, you will achieve more progress that you realize. 

The future is a blank piece of paper.  Whether that piece of paper tells a story of great achievement and success or disappointment is up to none other than you.

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either do things worth reading or writing about.” –Abraham Lincoln


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