Have you seen the movie Stranger Than Fiction?  I thought it was a great movie.  Dark humor, very intelligent, and well crafted movie.  I hope that I am not spoiling it by writing this post, but it is an intriguing concept.  Through Will Ferrel’s humor we find that his character, Harold Crick is being lead to his demise because something that happened weeks ago.  That is all of the detail that I’ll go into about the movie, less I spoil it for someone who has not seen it.

It is an interesting concept.  When I look back at my life, there are several things that have shaped and developed who I am, and I can trace it all back to one moment in time.  I am here today, physically sitting where I am as a result of the Kindergarten class that I was in.  You see, my birthday is September 1, so I had the choice to be either the one of the oldest in the class, or the youngest, since the cut off for birthdays for kids going into Kindergarten is August 31.  My parents fought and got me into kindergarten having just turned 5 years old. 

My best friend growing up was a boy named Ronnie, who was always in my class.  One Sunday in 5th grade, Ronnie said to me, “Hey Brad, instead of going to sit with your parents in church, why don’t you come with me to Bible Quiz?”  So I did.  He did not stay in Bible Quiz, but I did and made some of my best friends there.  Because of my friends in Bible Quiz, I learned that a certain high school taught Japanese, where none of the others in the district did.  So I went to that particular high school, while my brother went to a different one-the one I would have attended otherwise.

Through my Japanese class I learned of the possibility to study abroad through the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  So, I signed up and became an exchange student to Japan-delaying my graduation by a year.  My senior year of high school, which would have been my freshman year in college, I began to notice and started dating my wife-an event that would not have happened should I have graduated on time.  We went through the college years together and married right after college graduation.  Nearly four years later, and 2 ministry positions, I sit here writing this blog, because of an event that happened when I had just turned 5 years old.

There is no doubt that somethings would be the same, but so many things would not.  I believe that I am living a life that God forsawe and destined for me to live.  Nothing happens by accident, God is up there orchestrating the whole show, we just forget to acknowledge our small part in the show. 

I would encourage you to take a look at your life and see what things have lead you down the path to where you are today.  How has God orchestrated your life?  Who has he brought into your life that has changed nearly every fiber of your being?  How can you thank them?


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