Awesome Day

I heard it once from a good friend: “Live every day as if it is your last, but live like you have 100 years left.”  I heard it so long ago, I am surprised that I remember it, and also wonder why it came to me last week.  Nevertheless, it did.

 Yesterday was one of those days.  I left work feeling so fulfilled, I almost got emotional on the way home.  Good thing it was almost, as it becomes both very awkward and difficult to be emotional while riding a motorcycle.  My day consisted of mutual encouragement from a friend over coffee (by the way that was a divine appointment), speaking in chapel, meeting with an 8-year-old girl whose mom’s best friend was murdered by her boyfriend, taking camp registrations, and attempting to work on Sunday’s services.  On my way out the door, I checked my mailbox and found a hand written note:    

It says, "Dear Mr. Brad, Thank you for the help and prayers that is really nice, It helps to hear a person actuly cares about my family.

It says, "To Pastor Brad The 1# pastor in the world!


 Perhaps it was the letter and the situation behind the letter that caused me to be so emotional.  As I was on the way home, I could not help but to think about this quote at the top of the page, and say to myself, “If this was my last day, I have no regrets.  I went all out today, I am exhausted and still have much more to do, but I have no regrets.”  

Make every day count!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Day

  1. I know that little girl will remember that conversation & that you cared about what was going on in her life. What a great way to share Christ’s heart!

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