The Little Town that said They Could

A little town in Alabama called Magnolia Springs took matters into their own hands.  They decided that they are not going to wait for the Federal Government to come to their aid, nor are they going to sit on their hands and wait for the oil to come rolling into their bay.  Instead, the mayor and fire chief decided that they would stop at nothing to protect their bay and water from the oil.  They are ready at a moment’s notice to move the barges and booms across the opening of the bay  to protect it from the oil.

Personally, I love that they are taking responsiblity for themselves.  It is a picture that all of us as Americans should embrace. 

What do you think?


One thought on “The Little Town that said They Could

  1. At least someone’s doing something on their own… and really, how expensive is it to do what they did vs. all the cleanup expenses if they didn’t?

    At least SOME people in this nation are fiscally responsible.

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