Oreos, Gummy Bears, and Airplanes

What do these three things have in common?  I can think of little more than last week’s Take Flight Day Camp.  What a great time we had last week at Day Camp!  As I have mentioned before the whole week revolved around trust.  Our 5 lessons were:

1) I can trust God to take care of all my needs: Elijah and the widow (1 Kings 17:1-16).  Flight reference: flight attendant.  Flight attendants are on board every commercial aircraft for 2 reasons.  First, safety, second meet our needs on the plane.

2) I can trust God with my money, a giving attitude: The widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-46).  Flight reference: Baggage Handlers.  We trust our baggage handlers with our bags, we need to trust God with our money.

3) I can trust God with my worries: King Darius worried about Daniel being in the lion’s den (Daniel 6:1-23).  Flight reference: (Pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 which crashed in the Hudson River and everyone survived) Capt. Chesley Sullenberger.  Many people were very worried when they realized their flight was going down, but they trusted their pilot.  Worrying does no good, but trusting in God and prayer does do good.

4) I can trust God to keep his promises: the story of Joseph (selected parts of Genesis 37-47).  Flight reference: Travel agent.  Just as we can trust our travel agent to make sure that all arrangements are good when we get to our destination, we can trust in God to make good on his promises. 

5) I can trust God with my whole heart: God fills the void in our hearts (Revelation 3:20). Flight reference: Mechanic. Though we don’t often see the mechanics or hear about them, we put a great deal of trust in them to keep the planes well-maintained and in the air. 

We also had a great deal of fun at Take Flight Day Camp.  I ate perhaps more Oreos than I have ever eaten in my life, due to my panic about not having enough for a particular game, then not playing the game.  There was also a great deal of gummy bears involved, as our bus driver loves them and brought more than enough for everyone, well at least more than enough for me.  Our field trips were awesome, each day we left and come back with the same number of people.  I only assume that it was the same people as I heard no parents complain about their child being left behind.

All in all, it was one of the best day camps I have been a part of, and I have been a part of a lot of day camps.  In fact, now that I think about it since attending day camp, I have only had a handful of summers in which there was not a day camp that I was heavily involved in.


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