iPhone 4

The sleek new design iPhone 4, Picture taken from apple webpage, http://www.apple.com/iphone/gallery/

Revolutionary iPhone 4 is here!  Sleeker, smaller, more features, cool opp options and more.  It has changed everything… again.

Apple has made some tall claims about the new iPhone 4, and I have to admit.  If you are holding one in your hand right now, I. Am. Jealous.
I am an iPhone user, and have been one for a little over a year.  unfortunately, according to the ATT webpage, I am not eligible for an upgrade until Jan 11, so since I don’t like paying full price for any phone, I’ll be waiting until then to get it. 
They had me at dual cameras, where the new feature “face time” was premiered.  Since Roberta is pregnant, I am pretty excited about this.  If she is at home, and I’m at work, we can have “face time” with the baby, when I’m not home.  If my parents get iPhones, they can have “face time” with the baby as well without having to travel the 150 miles from Tacoma to Portland.
Despite all the claims, I see nothing but complaints about it on the internet.  This is too much for me to understand, I may be biased because of my love for Apple and all their products, however I firmly believe that this has taken the cell phone to levels that were not even imagined 10 years ago;  5 years ago, it may have been dreamed of.  However, no one else is out there doing the things that Apple has done with the iPhone 4.  My confusion is this: with all these technological advances, why are we so unhappy?  How can there be so many things to complain about?
I’m genuinely asking, not trying to antagonize those who are complaining.  I wonder if it is iPhone envy.  One person hears about a problem with the iPhone, and it must be broadcast so that everyone feels better about not having one.
Check out this video of CK Louis and Connan O’Brian talking about technology:
I'm interested in your thoughts.  Is the iPhone 4 flaws really that bad, or is iPhone envy causing all these complaints?

3 thoughts on “iPhone 4

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  3. as you know I do CS for Verizon… the stats don’t even compare to droid x coming out.. so yeah not the best in the market… and yes the problems are true… stick to your old i phone for a bit…

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