Baseball and Jesus

If you are a baseball fan, you are familiar with my pain.  I am a devoted Mariners fan and have been one for the last 17+ years.  This season held so much promise, everyone expected the Mariners to do very well, even make a run at the playoffs.  ESPN magazine does this thing every year where they simulate 100 seasons of baseball on their video game with the current rosters and then list where each team finishes the most.  Surprise, surprise the Mariners finished in first place 47 times, and never finished last.  Unfortunaly, reality is disappointing.  They have spent 3/4’s of the season in last place, and probably will not get out.

This last week, the Mariners had a 3 game series in New York against the Yankees, arguably the best team in baseball.  They won two and lost one with scores of 7-4, 7-0 and 2-4.  Having one of the worst records in baseball, that is a good series!  Not even a full week later, the Kansas City Royals come to Seattle.  In case you are not aware, the Royals are arguably the worst team in baseball.  I have tickets to see the Royals knowing that they are the worst team, hoping to see the Mariners man-handle the Royals.  Long story short the Mariners played terribly, and have lost both of the games so far to the Royals.  How is this possible?  How they put together a great series against baseball’s best, but not be able to win against baseball’s worst?

While pondering this question, it hit me… we do this so many times with our Christian walk, it is not even funny.  We can think that we are being good Christians by following the “big commands”.  I don’t murder, cheat on my wife, rob banks, steal cars or even candy from the grocery story, but when it comes to the “smaller commands” we are not as good.  We worry not pray, refuse to take care of the body that God has given us, ignore the homeless and down-trodden, and don’t tithe; yet we still feel like we are being “Good Christians” because we are doing well with the big commands.

God gave us the whole Bible to read, and mold our lives around, not just the parts that we want to.  Just the Mariners earn one win or one loss regardless of how highly the opposing team is ranked, so we also sin and fall short regardless of the human value of the sin.  God does not make distinctions of big sins, little sins and every step between.  Actually, that is good news because it means that forgiveness is the same, just ask!


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